Tuesday, February 25, 2014

 It can be an intimidating task for a patient to know which doctor they should go to see. If you look up a specific specialist online, the choices are often overwhelming. What is the best way to choose a doctor for a given medical problem?
  I have seen many patients who return to me from a specialist and still have unanswered questions. Some of them do not know why a test was done or a medication prescribed. It can frequently become a time consuming process to request records from other physicians.
There Are Many Reasons A Patient Should Have A Primary Care Doctor:

-The primary doctor can assist a patient in knowing which specialist is the right for them. Sometimes a headache is not a neurologic problem but just an adjustment of glasses is needed. Going first to your primary care doctor can save you from a wasted visit with the wrong specialist.
-We keep all letters, labs, and tests that we receive from a multitude of specialists. If you are seeing specialists, we coordinate information between all your physicians. You receive much better care when doctors communicate with other doctors that are treating you.
- When you go for a procedure, you may not have understood the post-care instructions because you were sedated or a multitude of reasons. We can answer those questions.
-We know you personally.

  With technology advancing at the rate it is these days, the amount of data is vast. Primary care doctors may not have all the answers, but we know where to go when help is needed.